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Re: DVD recording adventures..

> > >  Track Size:            1*2KB
> > >  Last Recorded Address: 4294770688*2KB
> > Note "Track size" [and "Last Recorded Address"]. Looks bad, huh?
> Absolutely.

All these screwed up TOCs remind me couple of cases with SONY units,
which are mentioned on my -RW page as "Question is how does it [poor
media support] show? Apparently in bizarre ways..." What you describe is
just as bizarre as those reports from SONY users. Switching to another
media brand did help in both those cases...

> > readcd.
> Ah, yes. When choosing 17 in menu, says:
> readcd: Input/output error. read_cd: scsi sendcmd: no error
> CDB:  BE 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 63 FA 00 00
        ^^? This is CD thing. This command is not applicable to DVD...

> Sense Code: 0x30 Qual 0x02 (cannot read medium - incompatible format)

See? What's 17 in menu anyway? You should be using plain read or
something (it was ages since I used readcd). And as your TOCs are all
screwed up you most likely have to complement command line with
appropriate sector count value. You should be able to figure out the
rest yourself. Cheers. A.

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