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Re: DVD recording adventures..

> I have a NEC 1300, that burns plus and minus. If the medium
> suits it. NEC releases a firmware update sometimes, but only
> with Windows installer. Thank god there is a guy named
> herrie that hacks and extracts the fw for DOS installer.
> But thats nothing specific with Linux.

Does it mean that you did *not* care to upgrade firmware or did you? You
should try to formulate your statements so that they can be interpreted
in one way. NEC units are well-known for poor support for some DVD-dash
media brands and you better upgrade firmware if you want to play with

> As is the case
> (I hope so) with the bad quality of my plus-media (Platinum).
> One is perfectly readable, the next with identical content,
> burned subsequent to the first is not (or the other way 'round).
> Same effects even with a Verbatim (recommended by NEC).

Does it mean that that application programs succeeded and did not report
any errors, yet one of disc was unreadable? And define "unreadable."
E.g. run dvd+rw-mediainfo with unreadable media in unit...

> But I wanted to go for minus:
> - Finally trying dvd+rwTools/growisofs to burn minus:
>   there is no hang on fixation, but similar (but other)
>   SCSI error messages in the log.

It should not be necessary to ask what messages exactly!

>   The growisofs-error
>   is something like "cannot close session".
>   Now, such media I can read(mount) under Linux.
>   But guess: I cannot read them with Windows.

What's dvd+rw-mediainfo output for affected media?

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