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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

> >mkisofs -B on the other hand does "cover" SPARC boot block[s] "by" value
> >returned by isoinfo. But even if ISO9660 partition of Solaris boot CD
> >was prepared with mkisofs, there're UFS partitions which are surely
> >appended by *separate* means and therefore resulting layout can hardly
> >be classified as "*mastered* with mkisofs." In other words I'm not
> >convinced that my statement doesn't hold true. "Sane block count" is
> >still the last *significant* block even for Solaris boot CD. And as long
> >as output from mkisofs is fed *immediately* to recording program, value
> >returned by isoinfo is suitable for discussed purposes. A.
> Why don't you first read README.sparcbot before starting to guess?

And why don't you ever *read* what's written?

> Mkisofs is able to create a Sun disk partition table.

Did I say that mkisofs can't create Sun disk paritition table? Can
anybody point at the sentence in my post which would say that? I did
*not* say that, but rather opposite! I said that if SPARC bootable image
is prepared with mkisofs, then SPARC boot block[s] (or partition[s] if
you wish) appear *within* the value returned by isoinfo [even though
they are not referenced to from ISO9660 directory structure]. And I
implied that this is distinct from layout I've observed on original Sun
media(*). All this means that I actually *tried* and *verified* that if
I follow the instructions in README.sparcboot and get X sectors large
bootable image, isoinfo *still* reports X sectors. Which in turn means
that the original statement that isoinfo output can be used as "sane
block count" for images mastered *with* *mkisofs* holds true *even* for
SPARC bootable images. A.

(*) On original Sun media the value reported by isoinfo is noticeably
smaller than track size. But I do get almost the track size if I sum up
the value returned by isoinfo and sizes of those UFS bootable
partitions, which makes me conclude that UFS partitions were appended to
ISO9660 image by means other than mkisofs -B command line.

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