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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

> >> >mkisofs -B on the other hand does "cover" SPARC boot block[s] "by" value
> >> >returned by isoinfo. But even if ISO9660 partition of Solaris boot CD
> >> >was prepared with mkisofs, there're UFS partitions which are surely
> >> >appended by *separate* means and therefore resulting layout can hardly
> >> >be classified as "*mastered* with mkisofs." In other words I'm not
> >> >convinced that my statement doesn't hold true. "Sane block count" is
> >> >still the last *significant* block even for Solaris boot CD. And as long
> >> >as output from mkisofs is fed *immediately* to recording program, value
> >> >returned by isoinfo is suitable for discussed purposes. A.
> >>
> >> Why don't you first read README.sparcbot before starting to guess?
> >And why don't you ever *read* what's written?
> I did, but you did not read the posting I wrote before. The reason _why_ I
> mentioned the Solaris boot CD was that isoinfo's outout cannot be used to copy
> such disk correctly.

I *agree* that you can *not* use isoinfo output to copy the *original*
Solaris media as it's delivered from Sun. But I maintain that *if* *I*
*myself* prepare a SPARC bootable image with mkisofs -B on *my* system
and just burn it, then I'll be prefectly able to use isoinfo output to
copy such disk correctly. Can you really refute this statement? Can you
really confirm that after *you* complete all the steps in
README.sparcboot, value returned by isoinfo will differ from actual size
of the image file? A.

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