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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

>From: Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se>

>Disregard this comment! Yes, there is a window of uncertainty, but not
>as big as 75 blocks! These 75 blocks is most likely reservation for the
>fact that player unit has no way to tell apart media recorded in DAO and
>TAO or something in that style. Yet this "allow for 75 blocks" thing
>doesn't really have something to do with SCSI itself. It has everything
>to do with media recording process[es], which just happened to be
>reflected in SCSI specification in such way. So if you ought to look for
>"an idiot," relevant SCSI working group would be the last place to
>look:-) A.

75 blocks exist nowhere in a seek related paper

The basic position accuracy (without starting to read!) for a CD player must
be < 2 seconds (150 sectors). This is why at least 150 sectors of lead out are 
required to prevent the drive from hitting the outer barrier.


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