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Re: Bad media?

> >> Is it a bad media (I don't understand the message)?
> >>
> >>
> > Probably, yes. It could always be a firmware problem or a bug in
> > cdrecord, but those are both very unlikely.

Well, SONY units prematurely terminating recording near advertised media
capacity with some media brands doesn't come unexpected (it's mentioned
on my -RW companion page to dvd+rw-tools) and the problem is believed to
be a firmware issue. No, it doesn't exclude the possibility of a media
defect on that particular disc (outer edge is most exposed to media
defects). My point is that the problem *might* persist over a
brand/batch and just picking another disc off the same spindle *might*
have failed as well.

> although since the time
> was zero I wouldn't bet that the media was fixated.

Not that everything that follows failing command is actually meaningful,
but it's DVD-DAO recording we're talking about. In general DVD-DAO
recordings get fixated unconditionally without even asking for it
explicitly. I mean by the time you get an opportunity to ask the unit to
fixate, the media is fixated *already* and the unit instantly replies
"done." A.

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