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Re: growisofs & cron: dirty workaround

> > growisofs -Z /dev/scd0 -r -J <burndir> < /dev/null
> >
> > growisofs does not write any data to disk, but replys:
> > FATAL: /dev/sdc0 already carries isofs.
> > Same message as if it is started by cron...
> you can also use the undocumented (just check the
> code for confirmation) switch -use-the-force-luke
> Yes, I already argued with Andy that this is a bad design decision. He
> thinks that software should be fun to use, and therefore you should
> read the source to make it work.

"Having fun" is not actually the *prime* design rule for growisofs. The
rules are rather following.

1. growisofs is primarily meant to be used as drop-in replacement for
mkisofs. Whatever experience people might have dealing with mkisofs,
they should be able to just replace mkisofs command with growisofs,
minimally throw in -Z(*) or -M and get over with it. Therefore the prime
rule is to *minimize* the number of options interpreted by

2. User is considered to be clueless in vast majority of cases. E.g.
imagine someone has scheduled an unattended weekly backup and forgot to
exchange the media on Friday (or whatever). Would that someone
appreciate it to be zapped just because of that? I bet not. Which is why
growisofs refuses to overwrite recorded media and which is why I
actually recommend to explicitly *prepare* media for unattended backups
[by nullifying beginning of the media], rather than to get accustomed to
-use-the-force-luke option.

And only now we get to the "fun" part. Yes, -use-the-force-luke is a
humorous option, but I figured that this is exactly what would make it
easier to remember for those few users like yourself who actually have a
solid clue:-) So it's not really about sheer fun...

> Sorry but Easter eggs are only fun when they aren't essential options
> the lack of which prevents people from getting work done.

My standpoint is that absolute majority of users can get *all* the work
done with those options printed by 'growisofs -help'. The easter egg
options [well, besides the "naked" -use-the-force-luke maybe] are
considered to be valuable for trouble-shooting purposes only.

Cheers. A.

(*) Note that originally growisofs actually was *perfect* drop-in
replacement, as it didn't support -Z and version 1.0 instructions were
'mkisofs -o /dev/dvd ...' followed by 'growisofs -M /dev/dvd ...'. Yes,
version 1.0 relied on kernel support.

(**) Note that in most cases (both recorder's and legacy units'
firmwares are in shape) -Z and -M options are actually sufficient to
make the whole thing work and I consider that it doesn't really have to
be more complicated that that.

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