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Re: DVD in dummy write works, but not real mode? (linux 2.6.0-test7 ide-cd)

> I just tried to write a DVD under linux 2.6.0-test7 in dummy mode:

I have a general comment about dummy recordings. From what I've
heard/observed I would say that success [or failure] of dummy recording
does not *necessarily* mean that actual recording shall succeed [or
fail]. It's surely indispensable tool for debugging software and
configuration problems, but once the data has passed down the IDE cable,
basically only real recording matters. So that if I run into such
problem, I'd rephrase the report as following instead. "My DVD recording
fails as following. It does not appear as configuration problem with my
system as dummy recording actually succeeds." Once again, this is a
*general* comment, which does not necessarily have everything to do with
the actual problem report. But the way I see it, the major reason for
dummy recording to succeed, but not real one is power calibration
procedure, which is not performed in dummy mode (the laser is off,
right?). A.

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