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Another Error...

This time everything compiled fine..

> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/testapp.o testapp.cpp
> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/vtcanvas.o vtcanvas.cpp
> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/vtcmdwin.o vtcmdwin.cpp
> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/vtcw2.o vtcw2.cpp
> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/vtdialog.o vtdialog.cpp
> g++ -O -Ic:/mingw32/include -c -o o/vttogdlg.o vttogdlg.cpp
> g++ -o ./o/vtest.exe ./o/testapp.o ./o/vtcanvas.o ./o/vtcmdwin.o
+  ./o/vtdialog.o
./o/vttogdlg.o -Ic:/mingw32/include -Lc:/mingw32/lib -mwindow
+ s -lV -lcomctl32
  ! ld: c:/mingw32/lib\libV.a(vwinprdc.o): warning: duplicate section
*  vt$8vPrinter' has different size
  ! ./o/vtcanvas.o(.data$_vt$18testTextCanvasPane+0x14):vtcanvas.cc:
*   reference to `vTextCanvasPane::initialize(vWindow *, void *)'
  ! ./o/vtcmdwin.o(.text+0x46bb):vtcmdwin.cc: undefined reference to
*  terDC::SetPrinter(vPrinter &)'
  ! ./o/vtcmdwin.o(.data$_vt$8vPrintDC+0x14c):vtcmdwin.cc: undefined
*   to `vWinPrinterDC::SetPrinter(vPrinter &)'

But didn't link correctly. This is the exact code out of v/test
using the first project (the non-dll one).

I am at a loss of how to fix this. I need to get a first program working to
learn more about V.

Another question - are there any portable winsock like libraries (inet
functions in winsock) that compliment V? or graphics libraries?

My targets include X, Win32.

Jeffrey Drake

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