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Re: Another Error...

Jeffrey Drake wrote:
> This time everything compiled fine..

> But didn't link correctly. This is the exact code out of v/test
> using the first project (the non-dll one).
> I am at a loss of how to fix this. I need to get a first program working to
> learn more about V.

The problem here is that you've installed the V source tree plus
the precompiled mingw version. The project files included in the
source distribution assume the library has been built in the
V source tree (see the paths settings, which use relative paths).
Meanwhile, gcc tries the default paths by default. So you are
getting a mixture of headers and files from the two.

Perhaps a solution is to build a separate example distribution
that assumes the default mingw paths. Try editig the project
file and delete the paths included in the test project file.
> Another question - are there any portable winsock like libraries (inet
> functions in winsock) that compliment V? or graphics libraries?

I don't know about winsock or others.

> My targets include X, Win32.
> Thanx,
> Jeffrey Drake
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