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Re: V GUI and some errors

Jeffrey Drake wrote:
> >From the VIDE output window:
> > g++ -o ./bin/graphit ./obj/main.o ./obj/tcanvas.o ./obj/tcmdwin.o
> ./obj/tdia
> + log.o
> ./obj/tmodal.o -IC:/mingw32/include -LC:/mingw32/lib -s -mwindows -lV -
> + lcomctl32
>   ! ./obj/tcanvas.o(.data$_vt$11tCanvasPane+0x14):tcanvas.cc: undefined
> refere
> *  nce to `vCanvasPane::initialize(vWindow *, void *)'
>   ! ./obj/tcmdwin.o(.text+0x63d):tcmdwin.cc: undefined reference to
> `VK_IsModi
> *  fier'
> I know what they mean, I just can't find a way to solve them.
> I am using the VGUI from the download page that is self installing for
> mingw32.
> As you can see it is linking with the V library (libv.a I believe). (-lV)
> Where could vCanvasPane::initialize be found, along with VK_IsModifier?
> the source lines for VK_IsModifier:
>   void tCmdWindow::KeyIn(vKey keysym, unsigned int shift)
>   {
>     // Keystrokes are routed to this window. This example code shows very
>     // simple processing of keystrokes, and how to update the m_keyVal
>     // field of the status bar.
>     static char ctrl[] = "^X ";
>     static char chr[] = " X ";
>     if (VK_IsModifier(keysym)
> as for the initialize, I can't find a reference to that anywhere.
> Just a note, this is the exact source for the tutorial program copied from
> the help file.
> Thank you for your time,
> Jeffrey Drake/CodeBert9xTF
> ICQ:8257536 (mention: VGUI)
This is somewhat puzzling. The only way to get the VK_IsModifier
error is if a V include file was missing from the original source code.
This could also explain the initialize error. But if you are using
the original tutorial example, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Have you tried any other V examples?


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

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