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KeyIn and lesstif

We have an application using V, which is running well with athena. With
lesstif (0.88.1-3) it shows the following problem:

If the cursor is in the Canvas Pane key events are directed to KEyIn as
ususal, however, if the mouse cursor is in the Command or Menu Pane key
presses seem not to reach KeyIn at all.
With athena the keys don't care about the mouse cursor position.

Is this a "feature" of lesstif or is it a bug? Or is there a way to tell
the program that it should accept key events also, when the mouse is
anywhere in the application window (or when the window is active).

Joachim Zach

Dr. Joachim Zach	Englerstr. 28		Tel: +49 6221 400133
CEOS GmbH		D-69126 Heidelberg	Fax: +49 6221 451449

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