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Dialog problems

Hello all,

I'm giving dialogs a go now but am having problems with layout.

The following definition ignores my C_Label and puts the cancel and OK
buttons over TextIn control ...

    static DialogCmd DefaultCmds[] =
	{C_Label, lblSearchFor, 0, "Search For", NoList, CA_None, isSens,
	{C_TextIn, txiSearchFor, 0, " ", NoList, CA_None, isSens, NoFrame
	{C_Button, M_Cancel, 0, " Cancel ", NoList, CA_None, isSens, NoFrame,
	{C_Button, M_OK, 0, " OK ", NoList, CA_None, isSens, NoFrame, 0,0,0,0},

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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