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C_TextIn in a command pane

Hello all,

My V voyage of discovery continues but having battled with the following
problem for a while now I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a C_TextIn and C_Button (for OK) in a vCommandPane. Clicking on the
button I can trap in myCmdWindow but I can't get at the value in the
C_TextIn control.

The examples in the V Reference use Modal Dialogs which wouldn't fit my aim.
The vCommand reference says ...

"You then handle the command objects in a command bar pretty much like the
same way as in a dialog. The main difference is that you use the vWindow
versions of SetValue and WindowCommand instead of the corresponding methods
of the vDialog class"

so I'm looking at ...

virtual int GetValue(ItemVal itemId)

Reference for this says ...

"For other command objects, the value returned will be appropriate as
described in the Dialog Commands section."

But I can't see how to get the equivalent of GetTextIn from this.

Please point me in the right direction - should I be using a Dialog Pane

What I'm heading for BTW is the entering of a search value into the
C_TextIn, the value of which is passed to a canvas pane  function that
selects the appropriate records out of the database and displays the
resulting data. This pane is now a TextEditor to provide scrolling as per my
previous guidance!

Thanks in anticipation

Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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