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V++ 1.17 for OS/2: unstable applications...

I'm using V++ for windows since release 1.16 now. Because I personally
prefer OS/2 as operating system, I've tested V++ 1.17 for OS/2 (Release

Before building the library, I've applied the patch from Andreas Kientopp,
and the emx-gcc patches from Michael Taylor.

The library compiles with a lot of (not so good looking) warnings. Most of
this warnings are based on the assignment of integers to unsigned integers.
But that's not my problem.

I've build vtest, ved, vdraw and viconed.

All of this programs are really unstable. Some of the controls overlaps or
they are clipped (sliders).

The programm crash several times (core dumped), and vdraw doesn't even

The "ModalModal" test do not recover the underlying windows if moved. V+
for Windows have the same problem, but doesn't look that bad.

Is there a newer release? Does anyone work with the OS/2 port?

bye,  J. Desch
Voelker Video- und Datentechnik
eMail: voelker.develop@t-online.de

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