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Re: Windows & local text

>Complete internationalization is a real weakness of V, I'm sorry to say.
>There are several "standard" V dialogs, such as vYNReplyDialog, that use
>regular V objects to build  themselves. I think Yes, No, and Cancel are
>the only text they use.

>> How can I localize the text displayed in dialogs like vYNReplyDialog ?
>> Since Windows has it's own standard labels for buttons lik 'Yes', 'No'
>> etc.

I think the point is about MessageBox function (windows version)

int MessageBox(
    HWND hWnd,    // handle of owner window
    LPCTSTR lpText,    // address of text in message box
    LPCTSTR lpCaption,    // address of title of message box
    UINT uType     // style of message box

with uType = MB_OK for vNoticeDialog, and MB_YESNO for
vYNReplyDialog. That will make these two dialogs a bit more
native and "yes" will be translated to local language (if that ).

BTW, the new version (2.0) is supposed to be fixed for const
parameters, I think it's great. But could it be close to STL,
I mean nice formal for vNoticeDialog could be

void vNoticeDialog::Notice(const string& msg)

Any hope? or, Bruce, can I contribute with this?

best regards, Nikolay

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