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Re: V++ 1.17 for OS/2: unstable applications...

 voelker.develop@t-online.de wrote:

> I'm using V++ for windows since release 1.16 now. Because I personally
> prefer OS/2 as operating system, I've tested V++ 1.17 for OS/2 (Release
> 2/98).
> Before building the library, I've applied the patch from Andreas Kientopp,
> and the emx-gcc patches from Michael Taylor.
> The library compiles with a lot of (not so good looking) warnings. Most of
> this warnings are based on the assignment of integers to unsigned integers.
> But that's not my problem.

These warnings are annoying but should not cause any real problems.

> I've build vtest, ved, vdraw and viconed.
> All of this programs are really unstable. Some of the controls overlaps or
> they are clipped (sliders).
> The programm crash several times (core dumped), and vdraw doesn't even
> start.

I didn't try vdraw but vtest and viconed work okay for me (after fixing a bug in
the V file open class.

> The "ModalModal" test do not recover the underlying windows if moved. V+
> for Windows have the same problem, but doesn't look that bad.
> Is there a newer release? Does anyone work with the OS/2 port?

Jon is finishing off V1.21 so be patient!


Michael Taylor
Senior Technical Specialist
Search Software America
PO Box 22, Braddon
Canberra, ACT 2612, Australia


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