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V 1.21 binary beta

I've just posted on ftp://objectcentral.com/bin-dist a set of MS-Windows
binary distributions of V 1.21. I hope to have the 1.21 document posted
soon, but 1.21 should be source compatible with 1.20 and earlier apps.
You will need to recompile your apps since class alignments have changed.
(I will release a Linux binary later...)

I would appreciate help testing these binary distributions. The binaries
are for the following compilers:

Mingw32 egcs.  This was compiled using the latest mingw32 egcs distribution.

Borland C++ 5.01 - This should work with BCC 5.01 and later.

Microsoft VC++ - Compiled with MSVC version 4.0, but I hope it will
                                work with 5.0 and 6.0, too. I'd like feedback on this.


The idea is to use the standard bin, include, and lib directories used by your
compiler. The V utility programs (vappgen, vide, etc.) are actually compiled
with mingw32/egcs, and should just execute for any system. The V
include files, which belong on .../include/v are also common across all
Windows compilers. I've archived and compressed these with tar and gzip.
Executables of these are available on the ObjectCentral ftp site under
dosutils if you need them.

Finally, there is a separate version of the compiled static V library for
each of the above compilers.

Download v121-win-util.tgz and v1212-win-inc.tgz for the common files.
Download v121-win-lib-xxx.tgz for the proper xxx for your compiler.

Then, copy v121-win-util.tgz to the proper /bin directory. This can actually
be any directory in your path, but I think the best convention is to put them
on the bin directory of your compiler. Unzip and untar the file:

    cd ...../bin
    gunzip -u v121-win-util.tgz
    tar -xvf v121-win-util.tar

Do the same for v121-win-lib.tgz, except gunzip and untar in the PARENT
directory of the /include directory (I think I got this wrong - I should be
consistent with the other two tar files - unzip and untar from the directory
where you want them. Perhaps for the final release....)

   cd {parent of /include}
   gunzip -u v121-win-inc.tgz
   tar -xvf v121-win-inc.tar

Finally, do the same for the compiled library files.

   cd ..../lib
   gunzip -u v121-win-lib-xxxx.tgz
   tar -xvf v121-win-lib-xxxx.tar

At this point, I hope V will behave like any other library and include file
of your compiler, and will be easy to use. So far, the only special thing
V requires is at LEAST word alignment. We've had pretty reliable reports
that using 2-word or 4-word alignment will also work for your apps.
These libraries were all compiled with word alignment.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this process. I've used tar because zip seems to
either have no directories, or a full directory path, while tar allows nice
relative paths. As it stands, I guess this doesn't matter for the bin and lib
archives, but the include files really go on include/v. Any comments or


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

e-mail: mailto:bruce@objectcentral.com
web:    http://www.objectcentral.com

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