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Re: Hello??

Craig Sanders writes:
 > how can something be "held hostage" by SPI if it's owned by SPI?

Because SPI's rules regarding its projects say that SPI will do what
it's project says to.  SPI publicly acknowledges that opensource.org
is a project of SPI's.  SPI's rules are listed on its web page at

Unfortunately, SPI is not doing what we say in re the ownersip of
opensource.org.  There is a provision in its rules which give it the
possibility of NOT following the project's instructions, however SPI
has not invoked that provision.  It has simply refused to transfer the
domain after being repeatedly asked to do so, over a two-year period.

Maybe SPI thinks that the Open Source Initiative is not the true owner
of opensource.org?  If you go look at the charter for SPI's "Open
Source Committee", you'll certainly get that idea.  Sometimes I wish
that SPI would just go ahead and take over opensource.org.  First,
because it's a lot of work, and second, because it would force us to
get a domain name which is not owned by SPI.  But that's selfish,
because all the people who have opensource.org bookmarked expecting to
find OSI's site would be confused if that URL took them to SPI's site.
Would SPI maintain the Open Source Definition?  Or would they replace
it with the Free Software Guidelines?  Would SPI certify licenses?
It's just too confusing even to think about.

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