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RE: Request binary build info doc. (And run_tests buglet)

I'd say I'm stumped, except that things appear to be working
o.k. now.  So I'll just say I'm mystified.

After poking around with objdump, per Mats' suggestion,
tcc runs fine now.  I don't understand it; I didn't change
anything.  Even after rebooting now, tcc runs just fine.

I want to reiterate that run_tests really should test the
result of executing tcc.  Besides the bizarre and presumably
rare bogon that I encountered, tcc might exit for other more
mundane reasons, such as that TET_ROOT is not set.
I triggered this as well!

For some reason, .profile was not being sourced automatically
when I logged in as vsx0.  Perhaps this is another bug in the

John D. Porter (SAIC)
COE Testing and Integration

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