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RE: Request binary build info doc. (And run_tests buglet)

At 2002/3/18 16:34-0500  Porter, John (Contractor) writes:
> I want to reiterate that run_tests really should test the
> result of executing tcc.  Besides the bizarre and presumably
> rare bogon that I encountered, tcc might exit for other more
> mundane reasons, such as that TET_ROOT is not set.
> I triggered this as well!

I'll add this checking to the next binary release. Thanks
for the feedback.

> For some reason, .profile was not being sourced automatically
> when I logged in as vsx0.  Perhaps this is another bug in the
> setup?

Has vsx0's shell been set to /bin/sh?

I can add a bit more checking to run_tests to check that
the environment has been setup correctly.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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