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RE: Request binary build info doc. (And run_tests buglet)

Matt Wilson wrote:
> You're attempting to run the tests on a system that has no
> /lib/ld-lsb.so.1.

Yup.  I would have thought that lib would be included somewhere?

> Red Hat Linux 7.2 is not a LSB platform, so testing it isn't
> going to tell you much beyond what we already know.

Yes, well, actually, I'm not doing this to test Red Hat.
I'm doing it to test the lsb test suite.

My organization is preparing to port its application to Linux,
and we figured that we should better target LSB.
And in anticipation of that, we want to be prepared to test
platforms for LSB conformance.  That is, we want to have
facility with the lsb test suite.

John D. Porter

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