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Re: Application Pilot Questionnaire


Shouldn't the Linux Distribution Testing have a URL for the sample


Marvin Heffler
Linux Standard Base and Developers Toolbox
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Austin, TX 78758
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George Kraft IV <gk4@austin.ibm.com>@austin.ibm.com on 02/06/2002 10:14:59

Please respond to gk4@austin.ibm.com

Sent by:  gk4@austin.ibm.com

To:   lsb-test@lists.linuxbase.org
Subject:  Application Pilot Questionnaire

Here is a 1st draft of the LSB Application Certification Pilot
Please review and comment.  Are there an adequate number of URLs references
the applicant to follow?

George (gk4)LSB Application Certification Pilot Questionnaire
The enclosed information is requested for application programs wishing to
participate in the LSB Certification Pilot.  This information is to be sent
in confidence to lsb-compliance@lists.sourceforge.net where the information
will be reviewed by the LSB test team.   The pilot is intended for the
application developer to understand their level of LSB of compliance before
certification, and for the LSB to resolve any issues prior to the
certification program.

Vital Information
| Contact Name     |    |
| Contact Email    |    |
| Address          |    |
| Contact Telephone|    |
| Number           |    |
| Company Name     |    |
| Product Name     |    |
| Product          |    |
| Description      |    |
| Product Version  |    |
| Number           |    |
| Architecture     | IA3|
|                  | 2  |

Runtime Linker
Cut-n-Paste output from ldd(1)
Application Checker
Cut-n-Paste output from lsbappchk(1)
FHS Checklist
Cut-n-Paste questions and answers from the FHS Checlist
Linux Distribution Testing
List at least two different distributions that the applicant warrants the
application works correctly.
LSB Application Conformance
YES/NO, the applicant agrees the above described application program
adheres to LSB Application Conformance  as outline in the LSB Written
Terms & Conditions
The Linux Standard Base Certification Pilot programs are non-binding and
are provided for evaluation by LSB developers and participants.
Participants in the program shall not make any claims of LSB Certification

All non-confidential issues should be directed to the
lsb-test@lists.linuxbase.org forum.

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