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RE: Application Pilot Questionnaire

> Here is a 1st draft of the LSB Application Certification 
> Pilot questionnaire. 
> Please review and comment.  Are there an adequate number of 
> URLs references for
> the applicant to follow?

You will likely need to provide fill-in space for two contacts -
a "technical contact" and a "marketing contact".

Cut-n-Paste questions and answers from the FHS Checlist  
** typo                                        ^^^^^^^^  Checklist

YES/NO, the applicant agrees the above described application program adheres
to LSB Application Conformance  as outline in the LSB Written Specification.

** typo                     ^^^^^^^ outlined

List at least two different distributions that the applicant warrants the
application works correctly. 
** correction:                            ^^^^^^^^ on which
** Question

We talked about this last week...  how are they going to do this,
in the absence of conforming implementations?
Is the "sample implementation" one of the two? 
Or should it be a separate question?


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