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Re: C++ ...

* Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando <gorlando@futuretg.com> [020426 12:08]:
> Let me be more clear:
> State1: You compile KDE and non-KDE applications with Qt2, as the 
> standard library.
> Everything works and qt2 is in "/usr/lib/qt-2.3.1/lib"
> State2: There are a new library: qt3.
> Again, qt2 is in:  "/usr/lib/qt-2.3.1/lib"
> now there are a new development enviroment:
> "/usr/lib/qt3.0.3"
> If you try to compile the old qt2 (non KDE) program this (generally) 
> will not compile because
>  probably will use old includes. In other words must be ported to the 
> new Qt enviroment,
>  discarding old includes and use new ones. (Ported).
> Because Qt libs are in the same place, the program may run, but may 
> fails to found some necessary files.
> Basically, because each Qt program uses its own libs in different 
> directories: /usr/lib/qt-2.3.1 and /usr/lib/qt-3.0.3, things will work.

Sorry, I still not sure I got what you said. I also do not know these
Troll's directory structure, only the debian one.

I think we both agree, that when the qt3-development-files are
installed, compiling an qt2-application will most likely fail.

What I wanted to state, because I parsed your sentences another
way, and this time can't guess what you mean, is the situation
with an programm compiled on an computer with qt2-development
files run on an computer with qt3-development files. 

I can parse your second mail either as: "I'm not talking about this",
or about "These may fail". If the first is the case, please ignore this
mail. The other case should be no problem as long as the major
so-version is increased.

On my debian potato box (With newer qt2-packages from over an year and
an backported qt3-package from half an year ago), I have:

/usr/include/qt/   qt3-headers
/usr/lib/libqt.so -> libqt.so.3
/usr/lib/libqt.so.2 -> libqt.so.2.3.0
/usr/lib/libqt.so.2.3 -> libqt.so.2.3.0
/usr/lib/libqt.so.3 -> libqt.so.3.0.0
/usr/lib/libqt.so.3.0 -> libqt.so.3.0.0

And I have not problems compiling qt3-programms or running qt2 or
qt3-programs (or both at the same time). I even sometime swtich the 
development-packge between the -dev for qt2 and those for qt3 without 
problems, to compile with the other version.

> --
>   Future Technologies, The TOTAL Linux Company!
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I hope the future will bring shorter footers.

  Bernhard R. Link

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