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Re: C++ ...

Bernhard R. Link wrote:

* Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando <gorlando@futuretg.com> [020425 12:54]:

You need to ship qt3 linked libraries ... but also includes qt2 libs.

Is important to note that while in the previous generation (QT2 generation), the qt lib was actual qt2, now qt lib will be qt3.

Therefore is you remove the previous development enviroment, some program linked with Qt2, will found now qt3, and may get SEGV.

These programs may be recompiled or ported to the new library.

Perhaps I understood something wrong, but I was under the impression,
that somthing linked against libwhatever.so.number by libwhatever.so
beeing en symlink to this when compiling, will always use libwhatever.so.number, even if libwhatver.so is now an symlink to

Thus changing the development environment to the new version should
only effect programs beeing compiled and not programs in binary
form. (As long as libqt.so.2 is still around, but that seems to
be no problem on my potato-box)

Let me be more clear:

State1: You compile KDE and non-KDE applications with Qt2, as the standard library.

Everything works and qt2 is in "/usr/lib/qt-2.3.1/lib"

State2: There are a new library: qt3.

Again, qt2 is in:  "/usr/lib/qt-2.3.1/lib"

now there are a new development enviroment:


If you try to compile the old qt2 (non KDE) program this (generally) will not compile because probably will use old includes. In other words must be ported to the new Qt enviroment,
discarding old includes and use new ones. (Ported).

Because Qt libs are in the same place, the program may run, but may fails to found some necessary files.

Basically, because each Qt program uses its own libs in different directories: /usr/lib/qt-2.3.1 and /usr/lib/qt-3.0.3, things will work.

But, will be necessary to port old Qt2 (KDE port its programs, each one need to port its own) to Qt3.

Porting changes in accord to some includes removed, etc.



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