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Re: C++ ...

Alan Cox wrote:

Excuse my ignorance, but as a KDE developer (well, not a very good one ;)=
I've been rather confused at some of the things being said in this thread=
What exactly does "Qt getting a stable API" mean?

Between Qt 2 and Qt 3, the API used for programming changed very little. =
described in

ABI not API in general. But API matters too.

eg do I ship qt2 or qt3 linked binaries ?

You need to ship qt3 linked libraries ... but also includes qt2 libs.

Is important to note that while in the previous generation (QT2 generation), the qt lib was actual qt2, now qt lib will be qt3.

Therefore is you remove the previous development enviroment, some program linked with Qt2, will found now qt3, and may get SEGV.

These programs may be recompiled or ported to the new library.



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