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Re: C++ ...

> You need to ship qt3 linked libraries ... but also includes qt2 libs.
> Is important to note that while in the previous generation (QT2 
> generation), the qt lib was actual qt2, now qt lib will be qt3.
> These programs may be recompiled or ported to the new library.

Thats not the issue. The LSB exists so that the program author can write
and compile dynamically to a specific single named library for now and
future versions of the LSB.

Recompiling for different variants means it isnt standardised. Recompiling
for each egcs-1.1.2/gcc-2.95/rhgcc-2.96/gcc-3.0.x/gcc-3.1 is also a problem
right now on the C++ side.

For the LSB there must be one answer and an answer that will continue to
work for some years.

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