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URGENT Proposal: Package naming schemes

In response to a complaint that we hadn't specified a naming convention
for LSB packages, I threw together the following straw-man proposal.

I'd appreciate some comments about whether this is on the right track or


						- Ted

<SECT1 ID=pkgnameconv>
<TITLE>Package Naming</TITLE>
Because there is no consistent packaging naming amongst the various
Linux distributions, it is necessary for LSB complaint applications to
adhere the following rules to avoid conflicts with packages provided by 
the distributions.

All LSB package names must begin with the prefix "lsb-".

If the package name contains only one hyphen (including the one in the 
"lsb-" prefix) then the package name must be assigned by the LANANA, which
shall maintain a registry of LSB names.

If the package name contains more than one hyphen (i.e., 
"lsb-www.redhat.com-redhat-database" or "lsb-gnome-gnumeric"), then 
the portion of the package name between first and second hyphens shall be
called the packager name, and it must be assigned to the provider of
the LSB package.  If the packager name contains one or more period 
characters, then it must be a DNS domain assigned to the pacakger.
If the pacakger name does not contain any periods, then it must be assigned 
to the pacakger by the LANANA, who shall maintain a registry for this purpose.

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