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Re: URGENT [PROPOSAL] V3: lsb lib and lsb loader location (also IA64)

On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 06:41:20PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Johannes Poehlmann wrote:
> > 1. lsb library location.
> > 
> >    lsb libraries native for this architecture             
> >    runtime  libraries 	->      /lib/lsb 
> >    Stub  libraries    	->      /usr/lib/lsb-stub        
> >  
> >    IA32 emulation libraries on non IA32 systems (IA64)    
> >    runtime  libraries	->      /lib/lsb-ia32compat
> >    Stub	 libraries    	->      /usr/lib/lsb-stub-ia32compat                         
> Imho this is silly. IA64 can run IA32 binaries natively, and should
> also be able to run IA32 software unchanged. But since you use
> /lib/lbs-ia32compat instead of the normal /lib/lsb that isn't possible
> so you completely break that nice feature of ia64 systems.

Wichert, can you please give me an example of an IA64 Linux, where you 
do not need i386 compatibility libraries to run i386 binaries ? 
I would like to see this demonstrated.  

> The same holds for sparc32/sparc64, mips/mips64, powerpc/powerpc64,
>  and ia32/x86-64.
> > 	Runtime libraries can not live in /usr, because they could be needed
> > 	before /usr is mounted at system startup. This has been taken in 
> > 	question by Thomas Sippel. 
> That's also not true, runtime libraries can live in /usr/lib
> just fine with the exception of those you need to bring the
> system online to the point where /usr is mounted.

Wichert, you did not quote my rationale. To have the standard as
"minimal invasive" as possible, we should not impose any
limitations on the boot process of a LSB compliant system,
which are not really needed. The Linux Standard Base does not
want to tell distributors, how to design their system, as long
as it does not matter for LSB compliant applications.. 

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