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Re: PROPOSAL for FHS revised : Mount points for CDs, floppies and a lien OS partitions.]

"Brian F. Kimball" wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 06:30:55PM +0000, Thomas Sippel - Dau wrote:
> > Begin Rationale
> > These mountpoints are mentioned here because it was felt
> > that software installations may require a well-known way to mount installation
> > media.
> How does specifying the location of mount points provide a well-known
> way for installers to mount the installation media?
You know where the CD-ROM, DVD, and floppy are.  

For example, in windows how many times have you had D: be the 
CD-ROM by default, moved it to L: or such (e.g., added a ZIP),
and then had other programs try to look for the CD on D: and not 
find it.  Yes, I know this is a Windows example, but as installation
software becomes more automated and we have more newbies, this
analogy would be equally valid in the UNIX/Linux world.

Keeping it simple and easy to find CD's, DVD's, floppies, ZIP's,
etc., would make life easier.  

Second example:  phone support.  Joe newbie can't find their CD-ROM....

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No, 69!  (oh, you mean the "ultimate answer" -- no I still think 69)

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