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Re: Standardization of Linux

Schröder, Kerstin <Kerstin.Schroeder@konradin.de> writes:

> I'm interested about your standardization-project for Linux. 
> Could you please send me some Informations about ist.
> Which API's will be developed. Who are the developers ? 

We're standardizing the API to be used by 3rd-party applications that
want to work on any version of Linux.  That includes libraries, some
commands and utilities, directory layout, and a few other areas.

There's a lot more information on our web site (including articles in
the press), located at http://www.linuxbase.org/

> Especially I want to know if you standardize the GNU-libraries within
> your project, so, that they are compatible to any distribution and 
> to your Standards too. Please send me some more Information.

We are incorporating GNU libc as part of our API.  In addition, there
are other libraries (such as the ones from XFree86) that we're also

For the most part, the GNU libraries already reflect standardized APIs
such as the Single Unix Specification.  However, we need to document
all of the differences as well the application binary interface (which
is only partially documented by the GNU glibc project).

- Dan

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