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Standardization of Linux

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I'm interested about your standardization-project for Linux.
Could you please send me some Informations about ist.
Which API's will be developed. Who are the developers ?
Especially I want to know if you standardize the GNU-libraries within
your project, so, that they are compatible to any distribution and
to your Standards too. Please send me some more Information.

Kind regards,

Kerstin Schröder
Editor for operating systems
Computer-Zeitung in Leinfelden,

Kerstin Schröder
Ernst-Mey-Straße 8

70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Tel.: 0711/7594-236
Fax.: 0711/7594-568
e-mail: kerstin.schroeder@konradin.de
e-mail.: schk@konradin.de

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