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Re: Status of my submissions

From: Torsten Duwe <duwe@caldera.de>
>     Joel> shadow is now fully PAM-enabled thanks to its present Debian
>     Joel> maintainer (the only reason upstream doesn't have the patches
>     Joel> merged is because Marek hasn't had time to make a new release
> [Just joining the discussion I assume you're talking about Marek
> Michaelcievic's (sp?) "shadow"-package ?]


I wrote him back before the holidays and he is also waiting on the
Shadow paper I presented at USENIX back in '92.  The URL, for
those of you (Hint: Marek, that's you ...) who are interested, is


I wasn't sure which documentation for shadow commands and library
interfaces had been picked up or had specs written.  I'm going back
through an old note and wasn't sure what had or hadn't been done.

If there is anything you are waiting on Marek or me to do with respect
to Shadow, feel free to scribble me a note.

-- Julie.

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