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Status of my submissions

On 13 Dec 1999 I sent in some proposed text for the spec:

I haven't gotten any responses and that's a bit disappointing in the
sense that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot
more I could be working on if I could figure out how to submit changes
and all that.  Here's a summary:

* Ready for inclusion in spec: __asert_fail, __errno_location,
  __h_errno_location, __strtod_internal, __strtof_internal,
  __strtol_internal, __strtoul_internal.

* Ready but not complete: __xstat, __lxstat, __fxstat, __xmknod,
  _gmon_start__, __libc_init_first (see comments for the items not yet
  specified).  Suggest including them and later coming back to the
  parts which aren't yet complete.

* Need closer look: htons, ntohs.

* Todo list: RTLD_*, setjmp.h.

* No action needed (already in 0.1): index, rindex, bcopy, bcmp,
  bzero, strcasecmp, strncasecmp, ffs.

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