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[alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk: Re: forwarded LSB meeting minutes from Jim Knoble]

I'm forwarding this to the lsb-spec mailing list because that is where
we should be discussing technical issues.  The minutes themselves
should be up on linuxbase.org shortly (hmm, I guess this looks kind of
disorganized but I want to err on the side of making sure information
is available publicly).

P.S. anyone know the status on the lsb-spec web archive?  It seemed to
have broken on 1 Jan 2000, and even when it was working it seemed to
lag by a day or so.  Perhaps we should move the mailing lists to
sourceforge with the rest of the stuff?  Not that I'm attached to that
idea, I just would like a web archive one way or another.

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Subject: Re: forwarded LSB meeting minutes from Jim Knoble
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 17:40:31 +0000 (GMT)
In-Reply-To: <200001051717.JAA02055@sodium.transmeta.com> from "Daniel Quinlan" at Jan 05, 2000 09:17:45 AM
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From: Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>

>   - libz, include or not?  Small enough to be able to be linked
>     statically (and license does not require dynamic linking).

There are two libz's. Make sure you spec the big one not the little stub one

>   - libglib?  Platform-independence lib used by gtk.  Anyone use it
>     besides gtk/GNOME apps? =20
>    =20
>       ACTION ITEM: Need to check.
>       ACTION TAKEN: Did cursory check at meeting, unable to find anythi=
> ng.
>       STATUS: Action item complete.

I'm not aware of anything of note. Suggestion though - someone should reserve the names
of these commonly used libraries. Gnome/gtk/glib standardisation can be someone elses

Should we allow annexes provided by other bodies in charge of things like libraries to
be submitted/reviewed added. Eg so that the KDE folks can spec KDE, the gnome folks spec
Gnome and spread the work

>   - libjpeg, libpng, libXpm, libtiff, libungif: Should be left out of
>     spec and carried around with apps.
>    =20
>     (Ted Ts'o notes that distributions can easily link dynamically).

These are an issue. We need to get kde/gnome/etc all using the same version of the library
as it is linked with basically every application. Static is not an option for them.

>     Suggestion from John Terpstra to use test suite that comes with
>     ncurses-5.  Should we just spec ncurses?  Linux apps expect color.

The BSD curses people apparently declared the old BSD curses dead at some point for
ncurses - can someone confirm that ?

>   - libgdbm: leave it out.  libdb is already in spec.

Which version of libdb ? libdb2.x is in part non free.

>   Suggestion to use package names for init.d namespace, since package
>   names are unique due to package manager.

[Not true for RPM - you can have two versions of the same package installed together
 in weird circumstances[

Simple extra suggestion: Use lsb_vendorname_package for all LSB packages. No existing
vendor package I can find adds an init file that starts lsb_
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