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Re: Specification meeting

>> The question is: if we schedule this within the first two weeks of
>> December, are there any _Linux_ events that might conflict with it?

Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> writes:

> On that question: its just about safe afaik - the Bazaar is 14th->16th
> Dec. 

We could conceivably hold it in NY before the Bazaar...

> Obvious question: Why not hold it at one of the shows. Do the meeting
> the two days before and a 1.0 presentation during the show. That
> should help people like the Debian folks get to it and increase the
> number of folks already there

Yikes, two days before the 1.0 release is not enough time to revise the
standard.  I think we need more like one or two months.

Often enough, another group is trying to do the same thing before or
after other big conferences (like LinuxWorld or LinuxExpo).  I don't
know how many LSB people are going to The Bazaar.

- Dan

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