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Re: ELF Information

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Jeroen Ruigrok/Asmodai wrote:

> I just did a complete ELF round and am adding more support to FreeBSD.
> What you want are the System V ABI docs from SCO's site at
> <http://www.sco.com/developer/devspecs>.
> Furthermore, you want the ABI supplements for each processor you are
> interested in supporting.

I am familiar with these. In a previous job, I did some work on them.

My first attempt was to just specify these, but I got to much  "that's not
the way we do it in Linux" pushback, so I decided that we would just have to
create a similar document, referencing those where appropriate. The list of
exceptions against the ABI was turning out to be rather lengthy also.

I think the TIS ELF spec is nearly identical to what is in the gABI/psABI
documents. There is a draft of something newer that contains some of the
new information, but I would prefer a final spec.


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