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RE: notes on add-ons

On 16-Aug-2002 Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> The good news is that all four packages -
> sysklogd, netkit-telnet, e2fsprogs, and pax -
> build and install correctly straight from the 
> tarball with no patches when dropped into
> /usr/src/lsbsi-intermediate with /usr/src/lsbsi
> mounted in a target directory; it would be trivial 
> to add xml for them to the phase4 build.
> (FYI, I only attempt make; make install in 
> the netkit-telnet/telnetd subdirectory).
> My experience with trying to build these with
> lsbcc - i.e. as conforming apps - was nowhere
> near as positive. 
> At the moment I think I'd vote for ease-of-use
> over conceptual purity (i.e., putting them
> in the appbat)

I am beginning to agree as well.  These items can easily end up in a phase4

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