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[lsbsi] gcc 3.2 update

gcc 3.2 is released.

If all proceeds well, I'll have updated
tarballs of the packages, patches,
and ia32 lsb-si available later today.
A test run won't be complete today, however.

So far it turns out there's one fix needed
to glibc to make it compile; this fix
has been in glibc cvs for two months. The
glibc patch has been updated (note that
currently this patch is named as if it's
ia64-specific, but it's not, it's needed
for all architectures).

There's also a configure option to gcc
needed to insure ABI-compliance, I've
added that and will check in the change
when I've convinved myself everything else
is okay.


entities/general.in was out of sync with
entities/general, unfortunately if you
ran Configure this means a needed change
to general was lost.  I've checked in the
needed two lines to entities/general.in.


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