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Re: Threads

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Jim Kingdon wrote:
> > The answer I got was that the semantic differences from POSIX weren't
> > really a problem, but they really, really wanted better debugging.
> gdb supports threads it seems. strace has basic thread support now
> but it needs to do some black magic with signals since at the moment
> any multithreaded app you trace will block on some signal magic.
> Unfortunately I can't find any documentation at all on the magic needed
> except the gdb source, which is cryptic enough to make it extremely
> hard to figure out what is needed..

A little more data on gdb's thread support as experienced by this user:

I've been using gdb on Red Hat 6.2 happily with pthreads programs.
The only annoyances are:
1. you have to say "handle SIGUSR1 nostop" before starting the program.  
2. you can't do postmortem debugging on core files
(3. I also find lately that my pthreads programs will deadlock in gdb 
in my DPRINT routine, which uses a mutex; that may just be an application 
programming error on my part, though.)

- Dan

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