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Re: Threads

> At the recent open source database summit[1], I asked the developers
> there whether people had problems with threads on Linux.
> The answer I got was that the semantic differences from POSIX weren't
> really a problem, but they really, really wanted better debugging.

Actually, certain applications potentially beneficial to Linux (such
as Java) have a lot of problems with the non-pthreads semantics of
current Linux threads (both GNU pthreads and glibc API sets).

Here is a (probably incomplete) list:
1)  It doesn't handle signals correctly. [We knew this] 
2)  core dumps of multi-threaded codes don't contain all the threads 
    (or even the crashing one !) [does the new gdb fix this?]
3)  getpid() doesn't return the same value for all threads in a single process. 
        4)  A child process fork()ed in one thread often cannot be wait()ed for
    a different thread, depending upon the exact parent-child relationships 
    between threads.
5)  Threads *have* parent-child relationships (when they should properly all
    be peers).
6)  uid/gid information isn't common to all threads in a single process, 
    so (for example) a multithreaded setuid/setgid process can have a 
    *very* interesting time.
7)  rlimit information isn't common to all threads in a single process.
8)  A multithreaded session leader process cannot do things like 
    disconnecting from a controlling tty in any thread other than its first.
9)  "times" doesn't account for other than the thread it is called in. 
10) libraries may not be (probably aren't) pthread_cancel safe. This is a 
    *bad* one. 

Fundamentally these problems all arise from the fact that as far as the 
kernel is concerned a thread really is just a process which happens to 
share an address-space and file descriptors with some other processes.

But we knew this....
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