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Re: Threads

> The only complete documentation we have is the pthreads spec. We don't have a
> "what differs from pthreads" document yet, so we thought it was best not
> to imply that everything works just like pthreads on any other system.

Well, we have more of a document (the thing I posted) than we did when
the "harsh" paragraph was first written.  So I've changed that
paragraph to say:

    LSB systems support POSIX threads with the following exceptions.
    This list is intended to match the behavior of historical Linux

I'm sure the list is still incomplete but I was a little bit reluctant
to say that in the spec in CVS, because it is the kind of statement
which wouldn't get deleted just because it is no longer true (and how
are we going to know when our list is complete?  Testsuite work would
help although last I recall we were still trying to track down free
threads tests, if such a thing even exists.  Failing a testsuite we'll
just "assume" it is complete until developers tell us otherwise).

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