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Re: Threads

> > The answer I got was that the semantic differences from POSIX weren't
> > really a problem, but they really, really wanted better debugging.
> From my own experience writing a threaded app that runs under
> both Linux and Solaris, that's exactly right.

Well, you absolutely must run GDB 5.0 or later; most previous versions
(with the possible exception of some of the HJ Lu GDB releases) were
very broken.  GDB snapshots might be better; not sure.

See for example http://sources.redhat.com/ml/gdb/2000-10/msg00008.html
(along with other such messages).

Do you know whether people who are complaining are using older GDB's
or whether they are talking about issues which still aren't fixed?
(or some of each?).

Jim Kingdon
Content and community, sourceforge.net, Sunnyvale, CA
cell phone: +1 202 297 3567

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