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Re: File Systems.

* Jim Knoble <jmknoble@pobox.com> wrote:
> Oh?  I thought they were all "Unix" vendors.  Why are their Unixes so
> different?  You can't even find ping on some systems without searching
> for it in /bin/, /usr/bin/, /usr/sbin/, and /etc/ before you finally
> find it in /usr/etc/.
> Linux distribution vendors are very much like the Unix OS vendors,
> except that most Linux distribution vendors make the work that they do
> available to every other vendor through the medium of open source.

I agree with you that distributors are going to repeat the history of
Unix vendors, though you probably doesn't meant to say that. The Open
Group is surely also a nice path to follow for the LSB.

Nevertheless the biggest part of any distribution is just *packaged* by
the distributor and actually this software is nothing than additional
software. What does not mean that this is wrong or such, it only means
that it doesn't (and shouldn't) make an OS of its own out of every
single distribution.

But I see that I'm running against the wind here. If you don't see any
problems in this it's not my job to point at them endlessly.


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