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Re: File Systems.

I recall a recent discussion about setting up an IETF-style process
where GNOME, KDE, et al. could write their own specs and submit them
for review.  I'm unable to find a searchable archive of lsb-discuss or
lsb-spec to find the discussion.  Anyone have more details?

The key, though, is that we've thought of such groups and of enabling
them to do the work they'll eventually need to do in standardizing
their environments.  It's rather obvious to folks that have been
participating in LSB for at least the last six months or so that
properly specifying such projects is not in-scope for LSB-1.0, due to
reasons such as: (a) the projects do not (yet) cover core OS
functionality, (b) they're still under heavy development, and they
therefore lack a stable set of interfaces are appropriate for a
standards specification, and (c) other portions of the spec have

jim knoble

På 2000-Mar-21 klokka 01:02:18 +0100 skrivet Gael Duval:

: this leads me to the following question: do KDE/Gnome core developpers
: (and other main projects) currently participate to the LSB? If yes,
: what do they think about this issue, if not, why didn't they join the
: LSB?

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