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Re: File Systems.

   From: Jochem Huhmann <joh@gmx.net>
   Date: 20 Mar 2000 19:41:08 +0100

   Is LSB just about ISVs and distributors? Is it not about documentation,
   training, administration, using, selling Linux and services around
   Linux? Ask users out there what they think about that. Making a clear
   distinction between the OS and applications makes Linux from a buzzword
   to a real thing.

Well, as you yourself pointed out, the mission statement states:

"The goal of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is to develop and promote a
set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux
distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant
Linux system."

Documentation, training, administration, using, and selling Linux and
services are all very good things.  But they're mentioned nowhere in the
LSB mission statement.  IMHO, they're not our primary priority insofar
as the LSB is concerned.  Our goal is to get something out there which
allows third-party distributed applications to run on any compliant
Linux system.  We need this badly and we needed this yesterday.

Redesigning /usr and /opt, or arguing whether Netscape, X, Gnome, KDE,
et. al is part of Linux is probably the best way to delay this project
beyond its useful window of opportunity.  Let's not do this, please.


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