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Re: File Systems.

På 2000-Mar-20 klokka 21:49:55 +0100 skrivet Jochem Huhmann:

: Most systems try to separate OS base and additional software.

Here's an exercise to try at home: List them.  Then list the ones that
don't.  See if your statement above is in fact correct.

: That's one reason for /opt and for /usr/local, isn't it?. Commercial
: Unix-vendors have never had these problems like Linux, because they
: really are OS-vendors, so "the system" is what they deliver.

Oh?  I thought they were all "Unix" vendors.  Why are their Unixes so
different?  You can't even find ping on some systems without searching
for it in /bin/, /usr/bin/, /usr/sbin/, and /etc/ before you finally
find it in /usr/etc/.

Linux distribution vendors are very much like the Unix OS vendors,
except that most Linux distribution vendors make the work that they do
available to every other vendor through the medium of open source.

jim knoble

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