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Re: File Systems.

I'd heartily agree.  Indeed, I'd say that early compliance with FHS is even
more important than Eric implies.  

If we can get one or more distributions to adopt FHS 2.0 or 2.1 (depending
on how quickly it emerges) *SOON*, it would give LSB a lot more credibility
and visibility.  Right now LSB visibility is pretty poor and so the standard
carries little or no weight outside our own group.  If we could demonstrate
any real progress anywhere at all within the emerging spec, it would go a
long way toward bolstering the credibility of LSB.  And one of the easiest
ways to get real progress quickly would be for one or more distributions to
adopt FHS 2.x as a step toward compliance to the emerging LSB specification.
So even if Red Hat doesn't want to make this move, *someone* should. 
Consider that a challenge to all the distro representatives here. ;)


* Eric S. Raymond (esr@thyrsus.com) [000320 07:59]:
> The reality we're all dancing around is that Red Hat's choice in this
> regard will by itself effectively make or break the FHS.  Therefore,
> if Red Hat wants to make FHS work (and I am presuming that is true)
> then now is none too soon to start moving.

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