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Re: File Systems.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 07:38:33PM +0100, mats.loman@home.se wrote:
> I see one reason: It is maybe easier to know what is belonging to what.
> Personally I think that putting every executable in /usr/bin is bad
> because its hard know what is user for what. 
> Example: The package super-database contains 6 binary executables used to
> mantail the super-database. The operator tries to find out which
> executables it is and does ls /usr/bin and get a list of 1417 files. How
> easy is it to find out which?

This hypothetical person doesn't know how to use the tools provided by
his distribution. IMHO, he should query the package and/or check a
manpage to learn that info. (If he'd rather guess, that's his choice...)

Mike Stone

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